Syrian Army Kills Top Nusra Front Commander in Hama

Syrian Army Kills Top Nusra Front Commander in Hama
Tue Jul 12, 2016 14:59:54

A notorious commander of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front was killed in the Syrian Army troop's ambush operation Southeast of Hama city.

Abdullah al-Makhzoum and five of his comrades were killed in the Syrian army men's ambush near al-Qantara al-Shamaliyeh on the Western side of al-Salamiyah.

Al-Nusra's military hardware also sustained major damage in the ambush.

In relevant developments in the province on Sunday, the Syrian Army troops, tipped off by intelligence agents, stopped and seized a tanker carrying fuel for the ISIL terrorists in Wadi al-Azib.

"A tanker carrying 8,000 liters of fuel was traced and stopped by the Syrian military forces near the town of Aqayrabat 70 kilometers to East of Hama city," the sources said, adding, "The Syrian soldiers seized the tanker after a brief clash which ended in the wounding of sever terrorists accompanying the cargo, while the rest of militants fled towards Eastern deserts," FNA reported.


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