Top French ISIS Commander, His Wife Killed in Iraq’s Mosul

Top French ISIS Commander, His Wife Killed in Iraq’s Mosul
Fri Jul 1, 2016 21:31:53

A top ISIS member was killed along with his wife in an airstrike by the US-led coalition on Thursday, local sources in the Iraqi northwestern Mosul city reported.

A source in the Mosul hospital said that the head of ISIS Sharia Court in Mosul was killed in an airstrike that targeted his house in Mosul city.

“The French-national of ISIS and his wife were at home when a coalition airstrike bombed their residence,” the source reported, citing an ISIS security official.

The media activist Abdullah al-Malla said that ISIS was trying to keep the information about the death of the Sharia director confidential.

“The house of the Sharia head was completely destroyed in the raid, and the ISIS Police of al-Hisba were searching for the dead bodies of the official and his wife, supported by a rescue team. The group blocked all roads leading to the al-Aisar neighborhood where the strike took place,” al-Malla reported.

“ISIS is trying to hide information about the death of its top officials in order to maintain the morale of its members,” he said, ABNA reported.


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