Syrian Forces Kill Bahraini Top Commander of ISIS in Aleppo

Syrian Forces Kill Bahraini Top Commander of ISIS in Aleppo
Sat Jun 11, 2016 18:35:33

A Bahraini national top ISIS commander was killed by Syrian forces in Aleppo province, media reports said Saturday.

Abu al-Mosana al-Bahraini, a notorious Takfiri terrorist commander, was killed in heavy clashes with the Syrian army in the Southern part of Aleppo on Saturday.

Tens of Bahraini terrorists have been killed so far fighting along the ISIL and al-Nusra Front terrorist groups in Syria.

Bahrain is one of the financial sponsors of the ISIS terrorist group and it openly collects aids for the group and ISIS supporters have regular conventions in the tiny island nation whose Saudi-backed rulers have been suppressing their own people's revolution in the last several years.

In November, a prominent Bahraini political analyst warned of Saudi Arabia's increased interference in his country, and said evidence shows that Riyadh is seeking to bring a Wahhabi regime to power.

"At present, Saudi Arabia's meddling in Bahrain has increased and it will further exacerbate given the growing corruption among the al-Khalifa rulers," Mahdi al-Moussavi said.

He warned that Saudi Arabia is seeking to strengthen and enhance the status of those political parties which are favored by Riyadh in a bid to achieve the said goal.

"The main component of the Saudis' policy in Bahrain is creation of a coalition government under the control of extremist Wahhabis," Moussavi said, FNA reported.


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