Infighting Increased between Al-Nusra Front, Ahrar Al-Sham Terrorists in Syria’s Aleppo

Infighting Increased between Al-Nusra Front, Ahrar Al-Sham Terrorists in Syria’s Aleppo
Wed Jun 29, 2016 17:29:54

After the killing of Abu Abdullah Jabal, senior commander of Jeish al-Nusra in Northern Syria, Clashes between al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorist groups has been intensified in Aleppo.

Abu Abdullah Jabal, commander of Jeish al-Nusra which is an affiliate of Al-Nusra Front, was killed as a result of rivalries between Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra Front terrorists.

The assassination of Al-Nusra Front leaders in Idlib and Aleppo has considerably risen in recent months. The Al-Nusra Front in a statement has promised rewards for anyone giving any clue about the assassination of Al-Nusra Front's commanders in Idlib.

In early June, militant groups, operating in Northern Aleppo, stormed the positions of their ISIL rivals near the town of Marea and pushed the ISIL back from the town's countryside, battlefield sources said.

"The ISIL strongholds in the villages of Kaljabrean and Kafr Kalbean were attacked by the militant rivals, the sources said, adding, "The ISIL suffered a heavy death toll in the attack and fled the battlefield, which ended in the removal of ISIL siege on Marea from two Eastern and Northern directions."

Regardless of heavy infighting between the ISIL and its terrorist rivals across Syria in the recent months, the terrorist groups consider the legal government of the Syrian President Bashar al Assad as their number one enemy.

For instance, informed sources in the Northern town of Marea in Aleppo province disclosed on Sunday that despite engagement in several-month-long clashes the terrorist groups' leaders have close cooperation and coordination in military and logistical fields.

"Relations between senior commanders of the ISIL and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are different from the scenes of battles. The ISIL and FSA have close cooperation in several bedrocks," the sources said, adding, "Simple infiltration into the each others' checkpoints testifies the claim."

"The FSA fighters can easily move inside the ISIL-held regions, which shows the matter has been previously coordinated by the groups' commanders," the sources added; FNA reported.


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