Crying ISIS Terrorist Involved in Sydney Beheading Plot Makes Desperate Call from Syria

Crying ISIS Terrorist Involved in Sydney Beheading Plot Makes Desperate Call from Syria
Tue Jun 28, 2016 09:34:42

An Australian ISIS militant involved in a plot to behead a person in Sydney sobbed on the phone to a fellow recruiter as he described the moment he watched his commander die in battle.

A private phone call between ISIS fighter Mohammad Ali Baryalei, from western Sydney, and Hamdi Al Qudsi were played during the alleged recruiter's trial in Parramatta District Court on Monday.

Baryalei, who defected to Syria in 2013, said he was desperate to return to Australia and explained to Al Qudsi that he was 'over' watching his comrades die in battle, the Daily Telegraph reported.

'At first I started crying I was just ... that day I don't know. We got smashed man,' Baryalei said.

Phone calls and text messages intercepted by counter terrorism officers will be presented as evidence in the trial against Al Qudsi who allegedly worked with Baryalei to help seven ISIS recruits travel to Syria between June and October 2013, the ABC reported.

Baryalei was heard telling Al Qudsi he would connect the alleged recruiter with his leaders and that he wanted to 'open the door' for other recruits to join militant groups like the Al-Nusra front, ISIS or Al Qaeda groups, according to the Daily Telegraph. 

The court heard Al Qudsi phoned his colleague to report that more 'brothers' would be arriving in Syria imminently on June 25, 2013, while a day later he discussed four 'soccer players' going on a trip with Wassim Fayad.

'There are four brothers and there are more coming, after that and I have told them you are the emir when they arrive — this is now starting to be very serious,' he told Baryalei who is believed to have been killed during a coalition air strike in 2014.

Al Qudsi's lawyer has argued the prosecution will have to prove his client organised the men to travel to Syria with the understanding they would be fighting with the militant groups, the ABC reported.

'Just because someone goes to Syria it doesn't mean they're going there to fight,' Scott Corish told the court, Daily Mail reported.



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