Syrian Army Kills Top ISIS Religious Leader, Wife in Raqqa Province

Syrian Army Kills Top ISIS Religious Leader, Wife in Raqqa Province
Sun Jun 26, 2016 15:14:24

A senior religious official of the ISIS Takfiri terrorist group and his wife were killed in Syrian airstrikes in Raqqa province.

Abu al-Ghoraba Marakeshi who was responsible for ISIL's religious teachings and affairs in Raqqa province and his wife were killed when the Syrian fighter jets struck their house in al-Naim square in Raqqa city.

Local sources confirmed that Abu al-Ghoraba was a Moroccan national.

Earlier on Sunday, the Syrian army backed by the country's air force inflicted heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists in Raqqa province.

The Syrian air force destroyed a large number of ISIS armored vehicles equipped with machineguns in the Southern outskirts of al-Tabqa city in Western Raqqa.

The Syrian army also hit hard the ISIL Takfiri terrorists and their military equipment in Ithriya-Khanasser-Tabaqa road.

On Friday, the Syrian warplanes continued to bomb ISIL's military machine in Western Raqqa, slowing down the Takfiri terrorists' logistical movements in the battlefields.

The ISIS defense lines in the Southern side of al-Tabaqa were heavily bombed by the Syrian fighter jets.

The ISIS suffered a heavy death toll and its military hardware, including a large number of trucks and machinegun-equipped vehicles, sustained major damage in the air attacks.

In relevant developments in the province on Thursday, Syrian fighter jets continued to pound ISIL's positions in Western Raqqa, striking several ISIL sites along the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway.

“The airstrikes by the Syrian Air Force proved highly effective as Syrian Army’s ground forces in Ithriya were given the necessary reprieve from recent ISIL counter-offensives in the Western regions of Raqqa province,” said the military source at Hama Airport.

The Syrian Air Force jets launched surgical air raids on ISIL’s positions in Albu Allaj village as well as the terrorist group's positions along the Tabaqa-Anbaj and Anbaj-Albu Allaj roads.

A large number of ISIL terrorists, including several foreign combatants, were reportedly killed in the airstrikes, FNA reported.


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