20 ISIS Members Killed, 14 Injured as Coalition Warplanes Bomb Kirkuk

20 ISIS Members Killed, 14 Injured as Coalition Warplanes Bomb Kirkuk
Sat Jun 25, 2016 18:41:43

In the airstrikes carried out by the coalition forces at southwest of Kirkuk at least 20 ISIS members have been killed and 14 others have been seriously injured.

In an aerial bombing carried out by the international coalition fighter jets at southwest of the province at least twenty (20) ISIS members have been killed, while fourteen (14) others were seriously injured. This was informed by a security source in Kirkuk province on Saturday.

Sharing details about the incident, the source said, “Last night, the international coalition aviation managed to target a convey belonging to the ISIS at al-Mahus in al-Hawija district, 55 km southwest of Kirkuk,” later adding, “The bombing resulted in the death of twenty (20) ISIS members while fourteen (14) others were seriously injured.”

Adding further the source said that the aerial strike was based on accurate intelligence information received by the coalition forces; Iraqi news reported.


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