First Image of ISIS Killer Larossi Abballa Who Stabbed French Police in Paris

First Image of ISIS Killer Larossi Abballa Who Stabbed French Police in Paris
Tue Jun 14, 2016 14:12:14

Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and his wife were stabbed repeatedly in the throat and stomach last night while Paris was on its highest ever terror alert.


The ISIS terrorist who murdered a top police officer and his wife has been named as known homegrown terrorist Larossi Abballa.

Jean-Baptiste Salvaing was stabbed repeatedly in the throat and stomach at his home in Magnanville on the outskirts of Paris last night.

The 42-year-old's wife then died during a police operation as officers tried to rescue her from 25-year-old terrorist Larossi Abballa.

The knife-wielding killer lived locally and was a convicted extremist, who was sentenced to three years in 2013 for "association with criminals preparing terrorist acts".

However despite his conviction he only spent a few months in prison.

He is thought to have maintained his links with a group sending terrorist to fight in Afghanistan, Mirror reported.


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