Iraqi Forces Pound ISIS Communications Headquarters in Southern Fallujah

Iraqi Forces Pound ISIS Communications Headquarters in Southern Fallujah
Mon Jun 13, 2016 21:09:13

ISIS communications headquarters have been destroyed by Iraqi forces in southern Fallujah during the liberation battles of the city and informed about the killing of a number of the militants during the operations, The Federal Police Command announced on Monday.

Federal Police Chief, Major General Raed Shaker Jawdat, in a press statement said, “The joint security forces from the army, Federal Police and local police in Anbar managed to destroy a communication headquarter belonging to ISIS in Amiriyah near southern Fallujah and killed the ISIS members who were inside it.”

Jawdat added, “The liberation battles of Fallujah are still going on in all areas especially after liberating al-Shuhada neighborhood completely.”

“The joint security forces are working to evacuate the innocent civilians from Fallujah axes and away from the battles against ISIS members,” Jawdat continued, Iraqi News reported.


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