VIDEO: Russia to Give Crushing Response to Terrorists’ Ceasefire Violation

Wed May 25, 2016 19:05:01

Russia is preparing to give a highly crushing response to the opposition and terrorist groups’ warning that they would break the UN-brokered truce in Syria.

Syrian opposition groups put out a statement on Monday, saying that they will no longer abide by a ceasefire agreement if the Syrian military doesn’t halt a major offensive on their positions in the suburbs of Damascus within 48 hours.

The signatories to the statement include Western and Turkish-backed rebel factions.

A statement by the Free Syrian Army (FSA), signed by nearly 30 other terrorist groups that operate across Syria, said that they would deem the ceasefire as having "totally collapsed" if the assault by Syrian government and allied Lebanese Hezbollah forces fighters did not cease within two days.

The signatories included Western and Turkish-backed groups operating on the main frontlines in Northern and Southern Syria.

The statement was issued after Syrian forces and allied fighters seized an extensive area Southeast of the capital on Thursday.

Now military officials say that the terrorist groups' threats which means non-commitment to the ceasefire will give Russia a pretext to intensify its attacks against the militants' positions.

"Russia is now preparing for a crushing response," they add; FNA reported.

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