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VIDEO: American Envoy Calls on Syria 29 Rebel Groups to Respect Ceasefire

Tue May 24, 2016 13:53:11

The US envoy for Syria has urged rebel groups to respect a shaky nationwide truce.

Twenty-nine rebel groups on Sunday set the deadline for the US and Russian sponsors of the February 27 ceasefire.

“We recognize that the CoH (Cessation of Hostilities) is under severe stress, but believe that to abandon it now would be strategic error,” Michael Ratney said in a statement posted late Monday on Twitter.

“Please know that we share your concerns and have raised them directly today with senior Russian officials,” Ratney said, addressing opposition factions.

“We urge all armed factions to continue to submit violation reports to the United Nations,” he added.
Syrian army, backed by Lebanon’s Shia Hezbollah forces, on Thursday recaptured the town of Deir al-Assafir and nine nearby villages in the south of Eastern Ghouta.

Syria’s conflict has killed more than 270,000 people and displaced millions since it started in 2011, AFP reported.

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