Daesh Executes 2 Men Accused of Carrying Food to Deir Ezzur City

Daesh Executes 2 Men Accused of Carrying Food to Deir Ezzur City
Thu May 5, 2016 15:57:38

ISIL claimed the two men were transferring food and goods from the town of al Hissan to the Deir Ezzur city neighborhoods that are under the Syrian government control, and subsequently sentenced them to capital punishment in an ISIL court.

ISIL (Islamic State, ISIS, IS and Daesh) executed two Syrian men in the Deir Ezzur province after the terrorist group accused them of "smuggling" food and goods to the districts under the control of the Syrian government.

They were, more specifically, said to have sneaked into the al-Jourah and Qussor neighborhoods controlled by the Syrian Army, however their names were not disclosed by ISIL media outlets, FNA repors.

About 100,000 civilians currently live under siege in Deir Ezzur since the ISIL seized villages along the highway to Palmyra a few years ago.

Although basic commodities' prices have increased about 80% in areas in Deir Ezzur under the ISIL besiege, the residents regularly receive humanitarian aid drops by Syrian and Russian cargo planes.

Syrian and Russian cargo planes regularly drop aid packages provided by the government and international organizations on neighborhoods under ISIL's siege across the city of Deir Ezzur.

The airdropping operations were conducted after ISIL militants did not comply with demands by the international community to end the sufferings of Deir Ezzur's residents by stopping the siege, local sources say.



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