VIDEO: Everything About Death of 3rd US Navy Seal Near Mosul by ISIS Fire

Thu May 5, 2016 10:16:52

Horrifying footage has been released showing the car that was carrying a Navy SEAL when he was killed during a gunfight against ISIS troops in northern Iraq.

 The video shows the vehicle Charles Keating was riding in when it was hit by direct fire during a battle against ISIS (Islamic State, ISIL,   IS , Daesh)  terrorists on Tuesday.

 Another clip shows US and Kurdish Peshmerga troops firing at the extremists after they stormed a checkpoint with suicide trucks and bulldozers.

A soldier, who appears to be American, is heard shouting 'no video' as other troops load up their weapons from behind a wall.

Keating was shot and killed when he went to the aid of military advisers who had got caught in the fight. He was in a car when it was hit directly by a rocket. 

A small team of American advisers had gone to Teleskof, about 14 miles north of Mosul, to meet with Kurdish Peshmerga forces on Tuesday.

But they had been ambushed by ISIS terrorists in armored Humvees and bulldozers at 7.30am who had broken through the front lines in one of the largest attacks by the terror group in recent months. It comes in the wake of several recent defeats of the militants in the region.

"Warren, a U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, told Pentagon reporters that the U.S. advisers were less than two miles behind the front lines when they called for help just before 8am."

When the attack began, the US military advisers called Keating's quick reaction force to help get them away from the chaos.

'When the fire erupted, the quick reaction force... came to the battle and provided the additional firepower' needed to 'extract the remainder of our personnel,' Warren said in a video call to Pentagon reporters.

Separate footage was also released of the gun battle that lead to the death of a Navy SEAL in Iraq this week. A member of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces is seen firing a rocket from behind a wall

The special quick reaction force, which included Special Warfare Operator Officer 1st Class Keating, has been deployed.

Keating was struck during the ensuing battle. Although a Black Hawk helicopter evacuated him to a hospital within an hour, he did not survive.

Warren said that even as the U.S. advisers were being rescued from the fight, a barrage of coalition aircraft — including F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, B-52 bombers, A-10 close air support aircraft and drones — responded and launched airstrikes.

More than 30 locations were hit, killing 60 enemy fighters. Peshmerga have now regained control of the town.

The fighting lasted all day, with US forces involved on the ground for at least a couple of hours.

The US-coalition carried out 31 plane and drone strikes, destroying 20 ISIS vehicles and other gear, Warren said.

By the end of the day, the peshmerga forces had recaptured Tal Asquf.

"There are 30 SEALs in Iraq as part of a Special Forces advice and assist mission.Warren declined to release details about the quick reaction force, but said teams of commandos are often set up and put on standby when U.S. forces go out on missions in dangerous areas."

Keating's death is the third death of a U.S. service member in Iraq since U.S. forces returned there in mid-2014 to help the Iraqi government regain the wide swaths of territory captured by the Islamic State.

'It is a combat death, of course. And a very sad loss,' U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said.

ISIS have lost 40 per cent of the territory it once controlled in Iraq and has resorted to mass-casualty violence as it desperately tries to restore its authority in the region.

Col Steve Warren, spokesman for the US-led coalition, said he believed the number of ISIS fighters being killed by allied bombing and forces on the ground was now higher than the 'replenishment rate'.

Report by Daily Mail


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