VIDEO: Alligator Wanders in US South Carolina, Climbs up House’s Front Door

Wed May 4, 2016 20:00:45

An alligator wandered up through a subdivision in Moncks Corner, South Carolina on Monday, climbing up to the front door of a house and appearing to reach for the doorbell.

WCIV reports that Gary Rogers captured the alligator's house call on video. "I tried to keep my distance as much as possible.

I wanted to get as close as possible too to get a good picture of it," Rogers said. Rogers was walking his dog in the area when he spotted the alligator in Jamie Bailey's front yard.

"I thought it was a joke," Bailey said. "I mean who would have thought? An alligator."

Rogers says he spent about an hour watching the alligator before it finally wandered off on its own, AP reported.

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