Russian, Syrian Fighter Jets Pound ISIS Positions Heavily in Raqqa

Russian, Syrian Fighter Jets Pound ISIS Positions Heavily in Raqqa
Tue May 3, 2016 17:00:07

The Russian and Syrian Air Forces targeted the positions and bases of the ISIS in different districts and neighborhoods of the capital of the group's self-proclaimed Caliphate, inflicting major losses on the terrorist group's military hardware.

The Syrian Army's aircraft carried out several combat flights over the ISIS strongholds in al-Ferousiyeh base, nearby areas of power station, al-Ferdows neighborhood, court building, al-Rmeileh neighborhood, al-Swameh region and railway in the Northern part of Raqqa, which ended in the killing and wounding of tens of the terrorists and destroyed their military equipment and bases' infrastructures.

Reports said earlier this week that the ISIS terrorist group used special tents in the streets of the city of Raqqa in Northeastern Syria to camouflage its military vehicles and militants against the Syrian and the Russian airstrikes.

The move by the Takfiri terrorist group comes as the Syrian and Russian air forces have recently intensified their raids on ISIS strongholds.

Reports said on Monday that the ISIS continued its mass killing of civilians in Raqqa, specially after the Takfiri terrorist group's defeat and withdrawal from the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) in Homs province.

Last Friday, the Takfiri terrorist group executed a young Syrian in the Tal Abyadh district for cooperating with the government troops.

On Saturday, the ISIS also beheaded two 15-year-old youngsters in Raqqa city.

Also on Monday, the Takfiri terrorist group brutally decapitated four young people and released the photos of their beheading ceremony.

The ISIS executed over 30 civilians on spying charges in Raqqa city in the past month.

On Thursday, reports citing eye-witnesses said that the ISIS terrorist group publicly crucified two young men in Raqqa city.

Informed sources reported, citing witnesses in Raqqa that the ISIS terrorists forced the local residents to gather on the square, where the execution of the two accused of cooperating with the anti-ISIS forces was held, and observe the process, FNA reported.

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