Syrian Fighter Jets Target ISIS Convoy in Sweida Province

Syrian Fighter Jets Target ISIS Convoy in Sweida Province
Sun Apr 24, 2016 16:06:26

The Syrian fighter jets struck and destroyed a convoy of the ISIS in Sweida province, inflicting heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorist group.

The ISIS convoy came under Syrian air raids in the Eastern part of the village of Araja in Eastern Sweida.

The Syria army, meantime, destroyed the terrorist groups' artillery unit and military vehicles in the Southern part of Al-Asfar region in the Northeastern part of Sweida province in Southern Syria.

In a relevant development on Friday, the Syrian army opened heavy fire at a column of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front's vehicles in Sweida province, inflicting major damage on the convoy.

Several military and supplying vehicles of the terrorist group, carrying fresh recruits, ammunition and foodstuff, were destroyed and a number of the terrorists were killed in the Syrian army's attack near al-Sheikh Hussein and Khleif hills.

Earlier this week, the National Defense Forces (NDF) seized a car loaded with a number of rockets and missiles bound for the terrorist groups in the Eastern parts of Syria's Badiyeh (desert) in Sweida province.

The NDF seized a number of RPG rockets, detonators and different types of missiles in the Lada 109 car on a road near the village of al-Afineh to the Western part of Sweida, FNA reported.

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