VIDEO, Truce in Damascus, Eastern Ghouta Extended for 48 Hours: Army General Command

Mon May 2, 2016 21:03:48

The truce in Damascus and Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside will be extended for 48 more hours, the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced on Monday.

In a statement, the General Command said that the truce will be extended for 48 hours in order to not give any pretexts that terrorist groups and their backers can exploit to target civilians.

On Sunday, the General Command announced that the truce in Damascus and Eastern Ghouta will be extended for 24 more hours in order to preserve the cessation of hostilities agreement.

Armed groups have breached the cessation of hostilities agreement more than 470 times since it came into effect on February 27th. Most of these violations took place in Aleppo city, Damascus Countryside, and Lattakia countryside, according to the Russian Coordination Center, SANA reported.


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