Syrian Army Troops Resolve to Confront Seriously Truce-Violators in Hama

Syrian Army Troops Resolve to Confront Seriously Truce-Violators in Hama
Sun Mar 13, 2016 18:21:00

The Syrian Army has sent fresh forces to some parts of the province of Hama to monitor directly the trend of the ceasefire with opposition groups, provincial sources said.

"Several cases of breaching ceasefire by the militant groups, caused the Syrian army to send more fresh forces to different parts of Hama province to strongly confront the violators of the truce," the sources said.

"The army has vowed to restore security to the crisis-hit areas in the next few hours," the sources added.

Earlier reports said that the ISIS heavy offensives on the government forces' centers in the Northwestern part of Hama were repulsed by the Syrian Ground and Air Forces.

The Syrian Army troops, backed up by the Syrian fighter jets, fended of the ISIS attempts to prevail over the government forces' defense lines in al-Mughir, Bridj, Tal al-Sakhr and Hamamiyat, which not only left tens of terrorists dead or wounded but also destroyed their military hardware in large scale, FNA reported.

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