Syrian Army Targets Hill Overlooking Key Idlib Town, Reaching New Heights

Syrian Army Targets Hill Overlooking Key Idlib Town, Reaching New Heights
Sun Mar 13, 2016 13:51:11

The Syrian Army and the country's National Defense Force have reportedly managed to move closer to Kabani hill near the border between Latakia and Idlib Provinces.

A significant advance has been made by the Syrian Army and the country's National Defense Force on the border between the mostly government-held coastal province of Latakia and the predominantly terrorist-held province of Idlib. The army has deployed troops near Kabani hill above the key town of Jisr al-Shughur, according to Fars News Agency.

The agency quoted sources as saying that the army had managed to seize the southern overlooking heights of Kabani after heavy fighting with the Al-Nusra Front terrorists.

"The Syrian government forces pushed the terrorists back from Jabal al-Zweiqat for the second time in the last 72 hours and also imposed full control over another mount opposite Jabal al-Zweiqat which paved the way for their easier access to the southern outskirts of Kabani," the sources said.

Earlier, it was reported that the terrorists continued to retreat in Latakia's northeastern areas near the border with Idlib province after the Syrian Army's large-scale offensive in the region.

Syria has been mired in a civil war since 2011, with forces loyal to President Bashar Assad fighting against a number of opposition factions and extremist groups, including Daesh(ISIS) and the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, which are prohibited in many countries, including Russia, Sputnik reported.


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