Russian Consulate General in Aleppo Came under Mortar Attack

Russian Consulate General in Aleppo Came under Mortar Attack
Fri Apr 29, 2016 19:27:55

Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that Nusra Front terrorists have mortar attacked Russian consulate building in Aleppo, Syria's second largest city; No one has been killed or injured.

The attack took place on Thursday, according to the ministry. No casualties have been reported.

"On April 28 at around 15:00 Moscow time [12:00 GMT], the building of the Russian Consulate General in Aleppo come under mortar fire. One mine fell in the territory of the consulate, three more exploded near the fence outside of the building. No one was killed or injured."

"According to reports, the attack on the Consulate General was intentional and carried out by al-Nusra Front militants and allied groups, who have become significantly more active recently in the Aleppo province" the statement reads.

In January 2013, part of the consulate's staff was evacuated with some diplomats being tranferred to Damascus.

Earlier in the day, the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation said that al-Nusra Front terrorists attempt to derail Syrian peaceful settlement, escalating tensions in Syria's Latakia and Aleppo provinces.

On Friday, Russia and the United States agreed to introduce state of cessation of hostilities in northern Latakia province and suburbs of Damascus in Syria from midnight on April 30.

Following the announcement, media reports emerged claiming that Aleppo would also be involved in the regime, but were refuted by a different source.

The ceasefire in Syria, worked out by Russia and the United States, took effect on February 27. Terrorist groups are not part of the agreement; Sputnik reported.


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