US, Russia Agree on Silent Period in Syria’s Damascus, Latakia

US, Russia Agree on Silent Period in Syria’s Damascus, Latakia
Fri Apr 29, 2016 15:53:35

The United States and Russia have agreed on 'Regime of Silence' in Suburbs of Damascus and northern Latakia province from midnight on April 30.

Russia and the United States have agreed to enhance the cessation of hostilities in northern Latakia province and suburbs of Damascus in Syria from midnight on April 30, a source in the ceasefire task force told Sputnik on Friday.

"At 00:00 on April 29-30 Russia and the United States, as co-chairs of the task force on ceasefire in Syria, have agreed to introduce state of ‘regime of silence’ in northern regions of Latakia and Damascus suburbs. This is an extra measure to resolve local problematic instances," the source said.

The "regime of silence" will be introduced for 24 hours in the capital city of Damascus and for 72 hours in the province of Latakia.

"Russia has notified the Syrian government of an agreement reached by Russia and the United States on introduction of the ‘regime of silence’ which will begin at 00:01 on Sunday, May 1. It will last for 24 hours in Damascus and its suburbs, and in Latakia and its suburbs it will last for 72 hours," the source close to the negotiations said.

According to the source, Moscow and Washington would be the guarantors of the "regime of silence."

"We expect that both the government of Syria and the illegal armed formations will adhere to it, stop shelling and dangerous military activity," the source explained.

However, according to the source, the Syrian city of Aleppo, mired in heavy fighting will not be included in the silence regime; Sputnik reported.


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