Daesh kidnapped more than 100 Civilians in Anbar’s Fallujah

Daesh kidnapped more than 100 Civilians in Anbar’s Fallujah
Thu Apr 14, 2016 19:57:00

Iraqi security sources announced on Thursday that ISIL terrorist organization kidnapped more than 100 people in Fallujah, in Anbar province West of the country, on suspicion of cooperation with government forces.

The sources said ISIL (Islamic State , ISIS , ISIL , IS and Daesh) militants have begun a massive offensive in al-Halabese and al-Bualawan areas Western Fallujah since last night, abducting at least 100 Iraqi civilians.

The source added that ISIL elements have taken the abducted Iraqi civilians to the organization's prisons in Fallujah, FNA reports.

ISIL has long history of mass kidnapping and mass execution of residents in the areas under its control, killing hundreds of innocent civilians in public executions in Iraq and Syria.

Fallujah was the first Iraqi city fell to ISIL in early 2014. However Iraqi forces have surrounded parts of the city, and if the forces retake Fallujah, the ISIL terrorist group would be left with no major territory in Iraq.

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