VDO: Anbar Governor Says Offensive for Liberating Fallujah "Will Begin Soon"

Sun Apr 10, 2016 20:19:13

At a conference in Baghdad on Sunday about Fallujah, a city west of Baghdad situated in Anbar Province and under the control of the so-called “Islamic state” group, Suhaib al-Rawi the Anbar governor said the offensive to retake the city "will begin soon".

On April 7, Human Rights Watch called for Iraq to allow aid to reach starving residents of the city of Fallujah, and for the "Islamic State" group to allow civilians to leave.

Suhaib al-Rawi, Governor of Anbar said: ''The tribal (provincial) fighters are training in al-Habanniyah military camp to join the Iraqi security forces and fight shoulder to shoulder with them to liberate the trapped locals of Fallujah from Daesh and put an end to their tragedy.''

In this conference the Stuart E. Jones the US ambassador to Iraq also said that his country will continue to support the Iraqi security forces as well as provincial fighters in rescuing the trapped people of Fallujah and dislodge “Islamic State” (ISIS , ISIL , IS and Daesh) group militants from the city.

He said that the US would be providing an additional 155 million US dollars in humanitarian assistance to Iraqi civilians.

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