Graphic PHOTOS: ISIS Executes Savagely 6 Iraqi People in Fallujah

Graphic PHOTOS: ISIS Executes Savagely 6 Iraqi People in Fallujah
Fri Mar 18, 2016 21:11:19

ISIS terror group has released photos of the execution of six people on charges of spying for the Iraqi government in the city of Fallujah which is considered as ISIS most prominent stronghold in Anbar Province west of the capital, Baghdad.

ISIS published the photos on the social networking websites on Thursday, showing the execution of the victims, who wore orange suits, with three different methods.

ISIS said that it has implemented the so-called Islamic court’s orders against those who were convicted by spying for the government in the city of Fallujah.

The photos showed masked ISIS fighters dressed in fully-equipped gears while carrying out executions in sites they said were bombed.

Four of the victims were executed by firing squad, two of them by a pistol, while the two others by a machine gun.

One of the last two persons was executed by a bomb emplaced on his neck, while the other was beheaded by a knife, reported by IraqiNews.




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