HORRIFIC PHOTOS: ISIS Terrorists Execute Iraqi Civilians Brutally in Anbar Province

HORRIFIC PHOTOS: ISIS Terrorists Execute Iraqi Civilians Brutally in Anbar Province
Thu Apr 14, 2016 18:54:55

In a new terrorist propaganda, ISIS has released a horrific video which shows some Iraqi civilians brutally executed by the terrorists.

The grisly video, although undated, appears to be located primarily in Anbar Province in Iraq.

In one clip shows a vehicle exploding after running over a roadside bomb during fighting in the province.

Gun-wielding ISIS fighters can also be seen driving at high speeds through the town; other foreign ISIS fighters hold up their passports as they pledge allegiance to the so-called caliphate.

Releasing the video could be an attempt by ISIS to regain some strength in the country, following announcements this week that the number of fighters has fallen to its lowest level since 2014.

The territory held by ISIS has been reduced by 40 per cent in Iraq, according to an announcement made yesterday by the US deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The Iraqi Army has pushed ISIS fighters back from the country cities of Tikrit and Ramadi, and also taken territory in northern Syria, DailyMail reported.









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