Syrian Army Kills 50 Al-Nusra Militants in Clashes in Hama Province

Syrian Army Kills 50 Al-Nusra Militants in Clashes in Hama Province
Sun Apr 3, 2016 19:30:45

The Syrian Army and popular forces managed to inflict heavy losses on the al-Nusra Front terrorists, killing at least 50 militants in clashes that erupted in the Northeastern regions of Hama province, a military source said on Sunday.

Battlefield sources said the Syrian Army units in cooperation with popular defense forces engaged in fierce clashes with al-Nusra militants in al-Zaghba, al-Hweija and Qaser Abu Samra villages Northeast of Hama province and managed to eliminate more than 50 al-Nusra terrorists and injured many more.

The source added that the Syrian soldiers also destroyed four vehicles and a rocket launcher of the al-Nusra terrorist group during the clashes in Hama province.

Earlier on Sunday, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) carried out several joint attacks against the ISIS gathering centers near at least five villages across the province of Hama and pinned the terrorists down behind their positions.

The ISIS centers near the villages of al-Emiyeh and al-Eliyeh in the Eastern side of the town of al-Saan came under the heavy assaults of the Syrian government forces, which claimed the lives of tens of the terrorists.

The Syrian government forces also stormed the ISIS positions near the villages of  Abu Hbeilat, Abu Hanaya and Qleib al-Thawr in the Eastern part of Hama province, which faced the terrorist group with heavy death toll and major damage on their military hardware.

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