VIDEO: Syrian Army Lays Siege to Quaryatayn from 3 Axes, ISIS Withdraws

Sun Apr 3, 2016 15:58:38

Large-scale operations of the Syrian government forces in the Southwestern part of Homs province have forced the ISIS terrorists to leave behind military equipment and wounded members and flee the Quaryatayn battlefront to save their lives, army sources said.

"The ISIS terrorists are retreating from their strongholds in the surroundings of the ancient town of Quaryatayn and moving towards Khanizir region in the Eastern side of Quaryatayn and the town of Kafir in the Southern side of Quaryatayn," the sources said.

Sources said earlier today that the Syrian army and its popular allies won a tough battle against the ISIS in the Northern side of Quaryatayn and took back control over a key neighborhood in the town after inflicting a heavy death toll on the terrorists.

"The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces, backed up by very good coverage of the Syrian and Russian Air Forces, have prevailed over the ISIS positions in the Northern outskirts of the ancient town of Quaryatayn and are now engaged in a heavy street battle with terrorists in the town's Northern neighborhoods," the sources said.

"As soon as deployment of the Syrian soldiers across the Northern part of Quaryatayn, the engineering units of the Syrian army launched their operation to defuse the mines and explosive devices planed by the ISIS terrorists across the town's buildings and streets," the sources added; FNA reported.

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