VIDEO: Syrian Army Units Liberate Two More Towns in Latakia Province

Tue Feb 16, 2016 16:19:52

The Syrian Army backed by popular allies in an intensive operation on Tuesday managed to liberate more areas including two major towns in the Northern regions of Latakia province from militants' grip, military sources said.

According to the sources, the pro-government forces, in heavy clashes with terrorists forced them to retreat from Jerjes and Tal al-Ahmar heights, established control over the two key towns of Balleh and Shalaf Southwest of Kinsibba in the Northern parts of Lattakia province.

During the operation, militants sustained heavy casualties and their military hardware including several heavy machine-gun equipped vehicles were seized or destroyed by the Syrian soldiers and their allies.

Meanwhile, informed sources said the Syrian Army's artillery units pounded militants positions in the two cities of Kinsibba and Bdama in Northern areas of Latakia, inflicting heavy losses on the militants in the towns. 

In a recent development in the Nortehrn province, the Syrian Air Force carried out several combat flights over the terrorist groups' concentration centers in the Northern territories of Latakia province and targeted them heavily.

The militant groups' gathering centers near the town of Kinsibba, the villages of Ein al-Qanatar, Qal'et al-Tuyal, Sheikh Youssef and Ruweisat al-Moqnas were heavily bombed by the Syrian fighter jets.

Tens of the militants were killed or injured and their military equipment and vehicles were badly damage in the air raids, FNA reported.

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