NEW VIDEO: Syrian Army Gets more Strategic Heights in Aleppo

Sat Feb 13, 2016 08:50:34

The Syrian Army has restored security and stability to areas in Aleppo province, killing terrorists and destroying their positions, weapons, and equipment in the province and in several other areas.

In Aleppo army units, in cooperation with supporting forces, restored stability and security to the hills of Dahret al Qaraa and Dahret al Qandileh and all the heights of al Tamoura to the southwest of al Zahraa town in the northern countryside of Aleppo province, sources on the ground told SANA reporter on Friday.

The remaining positions and fortifications of the terrorist organizations in those hills were eliminated, the sources said.

The army’s engineering units later removed the bombs and explosive devices left behind by the terrorists after many of them were killed and the rest fled the area.

Later, a military source told SANA that the Syrian Air Force carried out airstrikes on terrorists’ concentrations in al-Seen, north of Rasm al-Alam, Sarja village in the northern countryside, and Jub al-Kalb village in the eastern countryside of the province, killing many terrorists, destroying others, and destroying their hideouts and vehicles.

Airstrikes also targeted terrorists’ fortified positions and gatherings in Jub Ghabsha village in Hreitan area, killing and injuring many terrorists and destroying their weapons, munitions, and vehicles; SANA reported.


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