VIDEO: Death of ISIS Fighter Seen through His Own Eyes as Shot by Sniper

Thu Jan 21, 2016 18:49:28

The death of an ISIS fighter seen through his own eyes, militant gunman’s body camera records the moment he is shot by a sniper after moving out of cover.

This is the shocking moment an ISIS fighter inadvertently captures his own death while recording a firefight on his body camera.

The dramatic footage shows the terrorist firing an AK-47 machine gun while frantically running between abandoned buildings in a battle with the Iraqi military.

He commits a fatal error by stepping out from behind a wall of sandbags and is promptly shot dead by a sniper.

Moments before he is struck by the bullet, the camera flashes towards a building where a gunman, believed to his killer, appears to be pointing his weapon directly at him.

A shot can be heard and the camera topples sideways a split second later.

The footage ends with the camera pointing towards the sun as the militant collapses on the ground and his breathing stops. 

Battlefield footage obtained by fighters wearing body cameras has been an increasingly common propaganda tool on terrorist social media pages.


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