VIDEO: Al-Nusra, ISIS Suffer Major Losses in Syria Army Attacks across Homs

Thu Jan 21, 2016 14:50:16

Concentration centers of the ISIS and al-Nusra Front across the Central province of Homs were heavily bombed by the ground forces backed by the Syrian fighter jets, the army announced Wednesday, adding the airstrike caused large-scale damage on militants’ grid.

“The Syrian fighter jets tracked and targeted the ISIS positions near the town of Maheen and in surroundings of the ancient Assyrian town of Quaryatayn in the Southeastern part of Homs province, which ended in the destruction of many weapons and vehicles,” the army said.

“Meanwhile, the Syrian air fleet stormed the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front’s defense lines in Tir Ma'ala West of Talbiseh and near Um Sharshouh North of the province,” the army added.

“Dozens of Nusra militants were killed or injured and their military equipment was also damaged in the air attacks,” the army went on to say.

The Syrian Air Force has been pounding the militant groups’ gathering centers heavily across the Central province in recent week to weaken them as much as possible.

On Tuesday, the Russian and Syrian warplanes, in at least 15 joint combat sorties, targeted the ISIS strongholds in the Southeastern territories of Homs province, inflicting major losses on the militant group.

“The ISIS positions near the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) were massively bombed by the Syrian and Russian jets, which claimed the lives of tens of terrorists,” the army said.

“The Syrian army, for its part, stormed the ISIS defense lines near Tuloul al-Soud region in the Southeastern part of the province, killed or wounded dozens of the terrorists and destroyed their military equipment,” the army added.

“In the meantime, scores of the ISIS terrorists were killed or wounded in fierce clashes with the Syrian soldiers in al-Dowrah region West of Tadmur,” the army went on to say; FNA reported.


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