Nazis Escaper Saves 150 Trapped Christians from ISIS

Nazis Escaper Saves 150 Trapped Christians from ISIS
Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:48:10

Dozens of Christian families have been saved from persecution at the hands of ISIS, thanks to a peer who himself escaped from the Nazis.

Lord Weidenfeld is helping fund the rescue missions in Iraq as a way of “repaying his debt” to Christians who he says saved his own life back in 1938.

His charity, the Weidenfeld Fund, has been working with international relief agency The Barnabas Fund and another charity called Foundation Generation 21, based in the Czech Republic.

They have recently saved 37 Iraqi families fleeing their homes after attacks by ISIS.

Lord Weidenfeld was a penniless student when British Quakers helped him reach the UK from Nazi-occupied Austria, just a year before the Second World War started.

Following a successful career in publishing, the 95-year-old remains incredibly grateful for the risks taken by those who helped him.

So he decided to plough money into a fund to rescue 2,000 persecuted Christians living under the rule of ISIS in the Middle East.

He said: “These people took me into their own home and treated me like their own family.

"So when I heard about Christians suffering under ISIS I felt not enough was being done, so I had the idea of the Weidenfeld Fund.”

Most of the saved families have fled from Mosul and other cities and villages in the Nineveh plain and have been waiting for months in a camp in Erbil.

The 150 Christians, who will travel in four groups to the Czech Republic between January and April, will first be housed in a refugee facility.

Scores of Christians have already been brutally murdered by the terror group and thousands forced to leave ancient Christian communities in north eastern Syria and western Iraq.

The terrorists demand they either convert to Islam!, pay an extortionate rate of tax or face execution.

Allan Lee Jr of The Barnabas Fund said: “The Czech Republic chose to stand firm in its decision to accept these groups of Iraqi Christian refugees.

“Since the summer’s refugee influx to Europe, Syrian and Iraqi Christians have found it even more difficult to find sanctuary in Europe and elsewhere.

“We are grateful to the Czech government for its brave decision.”

Foundation Generation 21 spokesman Martin Frydl added: “We are really glad the door opened in our country to save the lives of Christian refugees, including widows and children”, Express reported.


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