VIDEO: US Airstrike at ISIS Bank in Iraq's Mosul

Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:00:34

US Department of Defense Released video of Airstrike at ISIS Bank in Mosul on Friday. According to US officials ISIS cash depot was bombed January 11 in Mosul. This attack torched 'millions of dollars used to pay the terror group's terrorists. Amount of money destroyed and what currency is not known. ISIS showed off 'gold coin making factory' in Mosul stronghold in August

string(194) "[{"id":"1778366","sort":"3476643","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/01/12/alalam_635882077391844831_25f_4x3.jpg","title":"Bombing Raids by US Blows up ‘Millions’ in Bank of ISIS in Mosul"} ]"