VIDEO: Syrian Forces Impose Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Different Areas

Fri Jan 1, 2016 14:42:29

Syrian army troops have carried out fresh military operations against Takfiri groups on several fronts, liberating more militant-held areas and inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists.

Army units backed by fighters from allied popular defense groups managed to regain control of Ghreemish, Zor al-Sous,al-Ziyadiyeh and al-Sheikh Abdullah districts in Hama Province on Thursday, the official SANA news agency reported.

Districts and villages of Zur Sariheen, al-Maktout, Jenan, al-Sarmya, Ra’aboun, al-Makhrez and al-Muradiya in the eastern countryside of Hama were also liberated.

Army troops further killed a number of militants and dismantled explosive devices planted by terrorists in the recaptured areas.

Elsewhere in Aleppo Province, the Syrian air force bombed Daesh hideouts in Afash, Deir Qaq, Aisheh, al-Hader and al-Bab areas, killing a number of militants and destroying their vehicles and equipment.

The army also targeted al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front positions in Karm al-Tarab, al-Sheikh Lutfi, Salah Eddin, al-Rashidin and Bani Zaid neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Also on Thursday, Syrian forces killed at least 15 militants in Tir Ma’ala district of Homs Province. Daesh positions were also bombed in al-Qaryatin and Marmalit al-Qaryati areas.

In the province of Quneitra, Syrian soldiers liberated the strategic village of Samadaniyah following a gun battle with the extremists operating there.

Pro-government forces further stormed the so-called Dar’ al-Islam militant group’s positions in Dara’a Province, killing or injuring scores of its members.

The conflict in Syria, which flared in March 2011, has claimed the lives of more than 250,000 people and left over one million injured, according to the United Nations.

The UN says 12.2 million people, including more than 5.6 million children, remain in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria. The foreign-sponsored militancy has also displaced 7.6 million people; Press TV reported.


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