VIDEO: Syrian Army Troops Tighten Siege on ISIS in Aleppo Province

Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:31:11

The Syrian army troops backed by popular forces continued to tighten noose on the ISIS Takfiri terrorists in the Northern parts of Aleppo province on Monday.

The Syrian forces conducted anti-terrorism operations against the militants' positions and movements in the villages of Aisheh, Nejarah, Abu Jebarah al-Kabirah and Ein al-Baida in the Northeastern countryside of Aleppo.

ISIS's concentration centers and machine-gun equipped vehicles were destroyed in the anti-terrorism operations. A number of militants were also killed and injured.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian army and National Defense Forces seized control over strategic districts West of Aleppo city.

The Syrian forces won full control over Manashir al-Hajr and a number of farms South of Rashidin 5 neighborhood in the West of Aleppo city, field sources said.

There were no immediate reports on possible casualties among the terrorists.

The Syrian government forces also took full control of a strategic village and its surrounding farms in the Eastern part of Aleppo on Sunday as the army troops continue to purge the Northern Province of terrorists.

The Syrian army regained full control over Sharba' village and its surrounding farms in the Eastern part of Aleppo on Sunday.

The army destroyed ISIS's gathering centers and military vehicles and weapons, killing and injuring scores of militants during the liberating operation.

The Syrian army's engineering units seized mortars, explosive devices and mines planted by the ISIS terrorists before flee their positions in the area.

On Saturday, the Syrian army managed to win key regions near the recently-captured Kuweires military airbase in Aleppo province as they try stretch their control over the terrorist-held lands Southeast of Aleppo.

The Syrian forces gained control of Tal Sherba' (hill of Sherba') and Juruf village near Kuweires military airport in the Eastern part of Aleppo.

In November, the Syrian army, popular forces and Hezbollah forces, backed up by Syrian and Russian air force, lifted the two and a half-year-long siege of Kuweires military airbase after killing hundreds of ISIS terrorists; FNA reported.


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