3 of 4 Britons Expect a Major Terror Attack in 2016

3 of 4 Britons Expect a Major Terror Attack in 2016
Tue Dec 29, 2015 15:00:58

Some 74 per cent of people expect a major terror attack in 2016, including 32 per cent who think it is 'very likely, a figure which has more than doubled in 12 months.

According to Daily Mail, also more than half of people - 58 per cent - think it is likely that UK forces will end up in Syria before the end of the year, including 19 per cent who say it is very likely.

But in Europe engulfed and maybe can say globally important issue of refugee crisis has fuelled public concern about immigration to the UK, with 70 per cent expecting more people to arrive in 2016.

Other data show Just 5 per cent of Britons polls say it is 'very likely' that Donald Trump will become US President, with 52 per cent saying it is 'very unlikely'.



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