We Must Launch Airstrikes Joining Russia to Finally Defeat ISIS: UK

We Must Launch Airstrikes Joining Russia to Finally Defeat ISIS: UK
Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:48:41

Britain and Russia must team up and work together to finally defeat the evil ISIS terror group, the Russian Ambassador to the UK has urged.

Russia is currently in the midst of an explosive campaign against the twisted terrorists in Syria, with the nation claiming to have already wiped out hundreds of terrorists.

But in a move which could see the UK join the blitzing crusade, Prime Minister David Cameron this week set out his case for extending RAF airstrikes against the terror group from northern Iraq to Syria.

Mr Cameron then today gave his strongest indication yet that he will call a vote on British airstrikes, as he declared all MPs would have to make their minds up "when the choice comes".

However, the Prime Minister has previously warned he will not call a parliamentary vote unless he felt confident on gaining a consensus.

This week the call for Britain to take action stepped up a notch when Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the UK, urged Britain to join his nation in wiping evil ISIS off the map.

Speaking of when Britain and Russia teamed up to defeat Nazism, Mr Yakovenko said the situation in Syria “requires the same foresight, determination and willingness”.

Describing the evil terror group, also known as ISIL or IS, he wrote in The Telegraph: “ISIL and other terrorists, who act under various guises, hate humanity and everything our world is based on.”

Russia has been conducting daily airstrikes in Syria since September 30.




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