ISIS Moneymaking: Kidnapping Women, Children to Sell as Sex Slaves on Social Media

ISIS Moneymaking: Kidnapping Women, Children to Sell as Sex Slaves on Social Media
Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:47:56

More than 7,000 young women and children have been kidnapped from their homes and sold into slavery in a chilling new moneymaking operation by ISIS leaders.

Turkey was last night facing questions about its role in the war against the extremists as it was claimed ISIS had been running their human trafficking business from offices in a Turkish city.

As coalition air attacks pummel ISIS revenue-generating oil fields, the warlords have been forced to diversify and are now focusing efforts on targeting and abducting innocent civilians in Syria and Northern Iraq.

Their pictures are posted on social media feeds including WhatsApp and the Messenger for slave buyers to peruse from the safety of their homes. Women fetch an average £15,000 while children are thought to command about £10,000 each.

The women are largely sold to the Middle East as sex slaves while the males go into servitude. Others are sold for ransom.

Over the past few weeks, the terror group’s coffers have been swelled by more than £170million as desperate Yazidi families paid ransoms to retrieve 250 women and children.

One human rights organisation yesterday recounted sickening eyewitness accounts of children, some as young as seven, bleeding to death after being raped by ISIS militia “many times a day”.

In August last year ISIS terrorists attacked Sinjar, home to more than 400,000 Syrian Yazidis.

According to United Nations reports, more than 5,000 men were executed, and as many as 7,000 women and girls made sex slaves.

Mass graves were uncovered there when Kurdish forces recaptured the area last month. Hundreds are still unaccounted for, Express reported.


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