Footage Shows Iraqi Troops Inside Ramadi for Final Assault on ISIS

Sat Dec 26, 2015 19:00:58

Iraqi troops who have fought their way deep into the Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) stronghold of Ramadi prepare for a planned final assault to capture the city. Many region in the city was the scene of fierce fighting of Iraq allied troops and ISIS terrorists.

Iraqi Special Operation Commander, Sami Al-Aridhi told Reuters: “Our forces advanced towards the city from the area of Humaira, which is the key to liberate all of Ramadi from three sides, the Al-Aramel, Dhubat and Hawz neighbourhoods. Our troops are now advancing towards their targets but were delayed because the criminals have booby-trapped everything. They even loaded vehicles more than they could hold so it would cause maximum damage."

Iraqi forces on Saturday clashed with ISIS terrorist near the former government complex in the heart of the city of Ramadi.

After a major push on Tuesday that broke ISIS lines around the city Centre, government forces have been slowed by snipers, booby traps, roadside bombs and suicide attackers.

Iraqi troops push ISIS back from a key intersection in the Hoz neighbourhood home to the government complex.

"CTS has cleared Hoz neighbourhood in central Ramadi completely and arrived near the government complex," the force's spokesman Sabah al-Numan told AFP.

ISIS use of many improvised explosive devices had forced a shift in Iraqi troop’s strategy.

The number of ISIS fighters hunkered down in central Ramadi was estimated at the start of the operation five days ago at no more than 400.

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