Watch ISIS Terrorist Cries Like a Baby as He Is Captured + VIDEO

Sun Nov 29, 2015 16:00:24

This is the moment a suspected ISIS militant cried and moaned like a BABY after being captured by Kurdish forces.

The twisted terror group are known for showing no mercy to their victims who they subject to horrific beheadings - but now the tables have been turned.

The detained man can be seen with his hands bound behind his back and his eyes covered with a blindfold as he shrieks and wails in the backseat of an armoured truck.

But his desperate moans do little to stir his captors, who barely bat an eyelid at his feeble attempt to draw pity.

The suspected terrorist can be seen wearing jeans and a striped shirt while another prisoner, dressed in a black leather jacket, sits quietly in the back of the truck.

Their detainers are thought to be members of the Kurdish Peshmerga, with their signature flag seen flying on a pole in the background of the desert landscape.

The exact location of the unverified video remains unknown, although it is believed to have been shot in Iraq where ISIS has gained control of large swathes of land.

It is not known when the footage was captured or the fate of the man.

Speculation of social media suggested he may have gone on to be tortured.



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