British PM to Order Killing of ISIS Commanders: Sunday Times

British PM to Order Killing of ISIS Commanders: Sunday Times
Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:05:24

The British Prime Minister David Cameron is to order the killing of the ISIS/ISIL terrorists in Syria, the UK newspaper Sunday Times said.

Referring to Cameron’s remarks during the Commonwealth summit in Malta, the newspaper said on Sunday that the Prime Minister is going to order the killing of the ISIS leaders if he succeeds to get the parliament concession to expand air strikes in Syria.

The newspaper said Cameron has already told the British military commanders to use precise operations to target international units of the terrorist groups which are considered as the brain behind Paris attacks and are planning attacks to the UK as well.

It said, “David Cameron will order RAF airstrikes to “decapitate” the leadership of ISIS in Syria if MPs vote to support an extension of bombing this week.”

The prime minister has told commanders to use precision strikes to target the head of the terrorist group’s “international attacks” unit, which masterminded the Paris massacre and is now targeting Britain.

The first RAF missions, expected this week, will feature high-profile strikes against suspected ISIS command and control hideouts in Raqqa to cut off the “snake’s head” of the terrorist group.”

According to the Sunday Times, US officials have asked Britain to deploy the RAF’s Brimstone missile, which minimizes civilian casualties, because it raises the prospect of targeting the ISIS leadership in Syria if intelligence locates them in built-up areas.

“MPs are expected to vote on extending airstrikes to Syria on Wednesday. The motion will explicitly limit attacks to ISIS targets and rule out committing ground troops,” the daily added; IRNA reported.


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