Cameron: Britain Will Do More against ISIS

Cameron: Britain Will Do More against ISIS
Mon Jul 20, 2015 17:10:03

Britain is set to do more against ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria to help eliminate the terrorist group, says PM David Cameron; Al-Alam News Network reports.

Speaking to the US television network, NBC, Cameron said, “I want Britain to do more. I'll always have to take my parliament with me.”

“We're talking and discussing at the moment, including with the opposition parties in Britain, what more we can do. But be in no doubt, we're committed to working with you to destroy the caliphate (ISIS) in both countries,” the British premier noted.

The comments follow recent revelations that British pilots have secretly been involved in bombarding targets in Syria.

Reports say Cameron himself was aware for months that British pilots were carrying out airstrikes in Syria, but the premier failed to reveal this to the parliament.

The UK Ministry of Defense has responded to the revelations by saying that “the UK is not conducting airstrikes in Syria. But we have a longstanding embed program with allies, where small numbers of UK personnel act under the command of host nations.”

The current Tory government is reportedly paving the way for a new parliament vote on military intervention in Syria, which it hopes to win by securing Labour support. A vote will not come until this autumn, by which time the opposition party will have a new leader.

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