Syrian Army Retakes More Areas in Lattakia Province + VIDEO

Fri Nov 27, 2015 14:10:14

The Syrian army backed by the popular forces and Russian fighter jets took more territories in the coastal province of Lattakia on Thursday as they are purging the entire province of the Takfiri militants at an increasing momentum.

The Syrian forces retook control of Tel Al-Satrak, North of Tel Al-Malouha in the countryside of Lattakia on Thursday.

On Wednesday, three senior commanders of the so-called Free Syrian Army were killed in military operations in Syria's province of Lattakia.

Rasheed Bikdash, one of "Mujahidin Army" leaders, was killed in clashes with the Syrian army in North of Lattakia.

Sources said Bikdash is the highest-ranking defector from the Syrian army that has been killed in Syria.

Abbas Hijazi, the commander of Maher Hijazi Battalion, and Abu Salim Julaq were also killed in Lattakia.

The Syrian Army and NDF have been pushing back the militant groups in Lattakia province all throughout the last two weeks and restored full security to at least five more key regions in the Northern part of the coastal province only Wednesday afternoon.

The pro-government forces hit hard the militant groups in Por Abdullah region, Ketf al-Hareek, the fifth and sixth hills and Ketf al-Safeh and forced them to retreat the fighting areas after leaving behind scores of dead members.

On Tuesday, the Syrian army, backed by the National Defense Forces, captured a hill and more heights in Lattakia as the army's march on terrorists' positions in the coastal province is gathering pace.

The Syrian forces regained control of al-Sheikh Mohammed hill and the 1281 R5 height in the Northeastern countryside of Lattakia.

A sum of 8 hills and heights have so far been freed in the province and the Syrian army troops have reached the border with Turkey in, at least, two key crossings; FNA reported.


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