The Majority of Britons Want to Leave the EU after Paris Attacks

The Majority of Britons Want to Leave the EU after Paris Attacks
Tue Nov 24, 2015 16:13:40

A survey based on a 2,000 people sample by ORB conducted in the wake of the Paris attacks last week indicates that a 52% majority of Britons favor exit from the EU, The Independent reports.

Anti-EU politicians, including Nigel Farage the populist leader of the xenophobic UKIP, were swift to associate the attacks in Paris with the influx of refugees from the Middle East. The asylum crisis in general has bolstered support for Brexit. Many working class voters fear repercussions on wages and the welfare state.

November, 2015 is the first time the Brexit campaign claims an overall majority. Through the summer and in September support for Brexit was in a narrow 45% minority. In October, the margin in favor of Brexit narrowed to 47%, securing a majority by mid-November.

There is still an 18% of undecided voters that can tilt the balance. But, this should be no consolation for the “stay” campaign, as undecided voters are according to a Nottingham University study more likely to be skeptical on immigration.

There are wide demographic, class, regional, and political cleavages associated with that Brexit majority.

Young people favor staying. 69% of those aged 18-24 want to remain in the EU; only 38% of those aged 65 or more want the UK to remain a member of the EU.

The working class favors Brexit.

There is also a regional divide. The majority of Scots (60%) and Welsh (56%) are still in favor of Britain remaining in the EU; the EU is least popular in the South-West of England (40%).

54% of Tory voters favor Brexit and 93% of UKIP. The majority of Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green, and SNP voters want Britain to remain part of the EU. Cameron will have difficulty reigning over his Euro-skeptic wing if Brexit becomes more popular; reported.


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