ISIS Mastermind of Paris Attacks Killed by French Comandos + VIDEO

Thu Nov 19, 2015 14:25:05

The mastermind behind the Paris terror attacks Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed in the St Denis siege in 5000 munitions fire according to reports.

The mastermind behind the Paris terror plot was killed during an hour-long firefight with French commandos following a pre-dawn raid of a flat in the nation's capital, two senior intelligence officials say.

The confirmation was made after forensic experts went through the wreckage of a flat which was raided this morning in the St Denis area of Paris involving more than 100 policemen, intelligence sources told media.

Terror suspects in the flat fired 5000 rounds during the operation during which one person, a woman, blew herself up. She has not yet been identified.

Seven people, including a woman, were arrested by French cops - and two people were killed, the Paris prosecutor revealed this afternoon.

The raid was carried out after French authorities received a tip on Monday that Abaaoud was in France, which police ‘thoroughly checked’ to see if it stood up.

Interior minister Bernard Cazeueuve said after the siege there had been 110 police involved in this morning's operation.

He added: “It was a courageous raid and there were being shot at for many hours in conditions they had not met before.”

Special SWAT teams were at the scene around the apartment where the suspect was caged in for much of the morning.

Three truckloads of armed soldiers were also at the chaotic scene.

President Hollande also praised the police.


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