Syrian Forces Advancing In ISIS Held Cities in Homs, Hama Provinces

Sat Nov 7, 2015 13:08:25

The Syrian Allied forces recaptured many areas in the Central province of Homs, and are getting ready to storm the militant-held city of Quayratayn.

Syrian forces continued their advance towards the town of Maheen after repelling an assault from the ISIS outside of the recently captured hilltop of Tal Sinni in the Homs province's Eastern countryside.

ith five hills recaptured in less than 48 hours, the Syrian Armed Forces are steadily making progress towards the imperative town of Maheen.

After Maheen the government forces will be in position to assault the ISIL-controlled city of Quraytayn, which was taken from the National Defense Forces of Syria in August of this year.

Tens of ISIS terrorist killed and dozens of terrorist group’s armored vehicle destroyed in several fronts in Homs and Hama provinces. 

250 Square Kilometers Captured by Syrian Forces in Aleppo

The Syrian Army, backed up by the Russian airstrikes, has taken control of approximately 250 square kilometers of land in the Northern province of Aleppo, Brigadier General Ali Mayhoub announced adding that “stability returned to dozens of villages and towns in the region."

The general also said that terrorists sustained a large number of casualties and loss of equipment and ISIS’s survivors fled toward Raqqa self-proclaimed capital of the ISIL terrorist group.

Syrian air force is delivering pinpoint strikes against concentrates of the ISIL and al-Nusra terrorist groups in the vicinity of the airport and near Kuweires airbase in the village of Um Arkile.

Also Syrian warplanes targeted terrorists’ concentration centers in Latmin, al-Lihaya, near Morek and al-Banah in the Northern countryside of Hama, and killed a number of militants and destroyed their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

Syrian Army Seizes Militants' Military Equipment Depot in Lattakia

The Syrian Army Friday continued its mop up operations in surrounding areas of Jeb al-Zaarour hill and al-Fark mountain and seized a large depot of various types of military and medical hardware left behind by the defeated militants near the hills surrounding Jeb al-Zaarour and al-Fark mountain Northern part of Lattakia province.

Large amounts of explosives, different ammunition, Turkish and stolen medicine in addition to a quantity of Cocaine were also seized by the Syrian soldiers.

On Thursday, the Syrian army and National Defense forces, backed by Russian warplanes, liberated several villages in the coastal Province of Lattakia from the control of the terrorists.

A large group of Takfiri terrorists were killed and their vehicle, weapons and ammunition were destroyed in the operations.


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