Syrian Army: Military Operations Continue against Terrorist Groups

Fri Nov 6, 2015 11:02:09

The military spokesman of the Syrian army affirmed on Thursday that units of the army continue their operations against terrorist organizations, dealing concentrated blows on their gatherings in Daraa, Homs, and Aleppo, Lattakia, Dir Ezzor, Hama and Damascus countryside.

“The army resumed its operations in Harasta in Damascus countryside, establishing control on al-Mashtal hill, al-Maksar range, al-Aman Billah station and al-Smadi, killing a large number of terrorists and destroying their dens in the region and in Daraya in the Western Ghouta,” the Military Spokesman said in a statement.

He added that the army in Daraa foiled attempts by terrorists to infiltrate into al-Manshiyah, SyriaTel and the surrounding points in Daraa al-Balad, destroying a command-center for terrorists and a vehicle equipped with a machinegun.

The spokesman affirmed that the army also destroyed a convoy of vehicles which carry terrorists to the north of Attman town, in addition to killing members of another terrorist group who tried to infiltrate from Jisr al-Ghareyat in Daraa northern countryside.

“Units from the army, in cooperation with popular defense groups, established full control on al-Hazm al-Thana hills in Homs countryside, having an important progress into Tadmur city in al-Bayarat region, killing 25 terrorists from the Islamic State (ISIS) and destroying 6 vehicles,” the military spokesman said.

He added that the army’s air force has carried out 20 sorties which destroyed a depot in Talbesah and a convoy of vehicles in the surrounding of al-Shaer oil field, killing tens of ISIS terrorists near Mahin, Saddad, Quneitrat, Bayarat and al-Hazm al-Awsat in Homs countryside.

The army also destroyed a factory for explosive devices, cannon launch-pad in al-Lahaya and three vehicles equipped with machineguns in al-Latamneh, Latmin and al-tamana’a and eliminating large numbers of terrorists in Kafr Naboudah and near Morek in Hama countryside, according to the Spokesman.

In Aleppo, the military spokesman said that the army’s operations, in cooperation with popular defense groups, ended up with establishing control on more than 250 KM and restoring security to tens of villages and towns in the region.

“Units of the army, in cooperation with popular defense groups, had the ability to re-open the important road of Athria-Khanaser and Salamyia and to ensure a safe passage for this pivotal route, inflicting heavy losses upon ISISI terrorists while many others escaped into Raqqa,” the Spokesman said.

He added that the army’s air force raided ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra gatherings in the surroundings of Kweris, the Air Force Academy, Um Arkilah, destroying command-centers and convoys of vehicles in al-Sheikh Ahmad, Al-Jabriyah and Tal Ahmar in Aleppo countryside.

Meanwhile, the army has made important successes in Lattakia northern countryside through establishing control on al-Fark mountain, Beit Abu al-Rish, Jub al-Za’arour and Jabal al-Sarout, seizing two 120-mm cannons and quantities of weapons and munitions after killing tens of terrorists, according to the military spokesman.

In Dir Ezzor, the Spokesman said that the army’s air force carried our several sorties that targeted sites if ISIS and their dens in al-Jafra, al-Mre’ea and al-Hweikah.

The military spokesman concluded by saying that the army’s operations are continuous, adding that the army is the sole guarantor for security and stability in the country; SANA reported.


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