Five Lebanese Soldiers Injured in Arsal Blast near Syria Border

Five Lebanese Soldiers Injured in Arsal Blast near Syria Border
Fri Nov 6, 2015 14:42:06

Five Lebanese soldiers were injured in a blast that targeted an army tank in the northeastern town of Arsal's Ras al-Sarj area, the Lebanese state-run National News Agency said on Friday.

Gunfire was later hear in the area and the army deployed heavily, NNA added.

It added that the troops engaged in heavy clashes with the gunmen in the Khalaf al-Jafar area in Arsal.

Afterwards, the army raided the refugee encampments close to the site of the explosion.

Al-Jadeed TV said that the bomb was planted on the side of the road and has targeted the army patrol.

Yesterday a roadside car bomb killed at least nine people and wounded four others in northeast Lebanon in an area close to the Syrian border where violence has spilled over from the war next door, security sources told AFP.

The blast ripped through a commercial area of the Sabil neighbourhood of the town of Arsal. Emergency services were working to rescue people from the rubble, local media said.

But Yesterday in a major incident a bomb blast killed at least 10 people including head of cleric’s council of Nusra Front terrorist group outside Al-Nusra "Muslim Clerics" office in the Lebanese town of Arsal on the border with Syria, Al-Alam News Network reports.

It is also reported that head of cleric’s council of Nusra front in Lebanon killed in the blast.

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