Al-Nusra Executes ISIS Commander in Arsal

Al-Nusra Executes ISIS Commander in Arsal
Mon Jun 29, 2015 18:44:44

A senior ISIS Takfiri terrorist commander was executed by the rival terrorist group, the Al-Nusra Front, in Eastern Lebanon, Al-Alam News Network reports.

Al-Nusra Front terrorists executed Hesam Tarrad nicknamed Abu Bakr in al-Malahi district in the border town of Arsal in Eastern Lebanon on Monday, al-Ahd news website reported.

Tarrad's execution comes while the infighting between the ISIS and Al-Nusra Front has entered a new phase in the Western parts of Syria and Eastern Lebanon.

The al-Nusra Front and the ISIS overran the Eastern Lebanese town of Arsal, situated 124 kilometers (77 miles) Northeast of the capital, Beirut, last August, killing and capturing more than three dozen soldiers and security forces.

Last month Hezbollah and the Lebanese army forces took back the city, but parts of the region have come under the terrorist groups' repeated attacks.

The clashes between Al-Nusra Front and the ISIS have prompted 60,000 people to flee towns in some districts in Syria.

Reports suggest that hundreds of militants on both sides have so far been killed in the internecine clashes.

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