Iraqi PM Abadi Calls on End to Supporting, Arming ISIS

Iraqi PM Abadi Calls on End to Supporting, Arming ISIS
Thu Oct 1, 2015 16:46:54

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has described the persistent support for the Takfiri ISIS militant group as the main problem facing the embattled Arab country, calling for an end to the financing and arming of the extremists.

“Our problem lies with a terrorist group that crossed the border from a neighboring country. This organization was supported and armed by others, and occupies vast areas of Iraq. It has killed thousands of Iraqis and violated their rights,” Abadi said before the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on Wednesday.

‘An External Problem’

“Today, this organization named ISIS recruits thousands of volunteers from various parts of the world, particularly from countries that claim to be standing by Iraq. This terrorist organization receives assistance plus weapons, and continues to fight us. So, our problem is really an external problem,” he said.

The Iraqi prime minister said his government expected all countries “to adhere and implement UN Security Council resolutions which are related to prohibiting the support, finance and armament [of] terrorist groups.”

‘Reforms to Continue’

Referring to reforms aimed at fighting corruption, Abadi pledged to press ahead with the measures while continuing to fight the ISIS terrorist outfit simultaneously.

On August 11, the Iraqi parliament unanimously approved Abadi’s proposals aimed at uprooting corruption and reducing government costs.

“The people respected and accepted these reforms with a transparent identification of their needs,” he said in his UNGA speech. “We are determined to continue in these reforms without neglecting our important role in managing the security and military operations to fight ISIS.”

As part of the comprehensive reforms in Iraq, the two key positions of vice president and deputy prime minister were removed. The plan also called for a “comprehensive and immediate reduction” in the number of bodyguards of the president, ministers, parliament speaker, members of parliament and the prime minister.

The northern and western parts of Iraq have been plagued by gruesome violence ever since ISIS terrorists began their campaign of terror in the country in June 2014.

Iraqi army soldiers and volunteer fighters are seeking to win back militant-held regions in joint operations; Press TV reported.

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